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Provided with a cooking method that complements the ingredients

Chef entrusted course

Margot occasionally offers carefully selected ingredients from all over Japan. Therefore, the contents of the dishes may change due to the weather and the circumstances of purchasing. Please contact us by phone.

pig's feet

Pig's feet

Foie gras

Foie gras

Pate de Campagne

Pate de campagne

Soft-shelled turtle

Softshell turtle



During caviar *

Caviar / Japanese ri ce waffle *

Umami and aroma



Soft roe

Maho Egg


Spanish mackerel

Spanish mackerel

Lamb or Yezo deer *

Lamb  or  Venison *



Emerging pear

Japanese pear

Ogi Biore Chestnut

Black fig Marron


¥ 16,500- (Tax included, not included)




During caviar + ¥ 3,300- (tax included, service not included)

Yezo deer + ¥ 4,180- (tax included, service not included)

* A 10% service charge will be charged separately.

* During caviar, it is not included in the course. You can add it to the course for an additional fee.

* Regarding meat dishes, we will purchase and cook the ones in the best condition of the day. Please check with the store.

* Meat dishes can be upgraded on a table-by-table basis for an additional fee.

At Margot, we offer various truffles at the purchase price directly from overseas production areas so that you can fully enjoy the truffles of each season. Please contact us each time as the price and production area of truffles will change depending on the amount of harvest each week.

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