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Enjoy the whole truffles

Margotto e Baciare



Chef's Table

店内カウンターchef's table



​Kenta Kayama

Born in Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture in 1984

Worked for "Mona Lisa," "Motoazabu Kanda," "Lew's," "L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon," and "Quintessence."

September 2014 Appointed as chef of "Margotto e Baciare"

2015  "RED U35" Gold Egg Selected (Finalist)

2017 Selected as the first Japanese chef to be an up-and-coming chef of the International Gastronomy Society

"Hot things are hot, cold things are cold"

The attitude of valuing such "temperature" and "fragrance"

This is our cooking policy, which grew up under the chef's father.


Also, the climate and temperature at that time,

And the inspiration to see the ingredients that arrived

Since it is different every day, the contents of the dishes change every day.


Only the ingredients that our brothers feel are genuine

"The taste that exudes from the material" with an appropriate temperature and scent

We will endeavor to make all our customers feel the joy of tasting.

Chef Kenta Kayama Junpei Kayama

Junpei Kayama

Born in Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture in 1986

After working at "Ginza Totoki", he became a "homage" sous-chef and became a chef at "vinosity".

Served as a sous-chef at the Michelin 1-star restaurant "MASA" in Paris, France.

2017 "RED-U35" Silver Egg Selected



Our Truffles



cource menu

A chef's entrusted course where you can taste the highest peak truffles and the occasional seasonal ingredients with all five senses. From the fragrant and high-quality truffles, guests can choose one of their tastes and enjoy the Margot style of scraping the truffles to finish the dish.

旨味と香り コンソメスープとトリュフの香り

wine list

We have about 200 bottles of wine that bring out the charm of the dish, and 3 types of white and red glasses. We also pair for the course.

ワインスペクテーター誌 Award of Excellence 2023 受賞

Chef's Table

Teppanyaki counter

Chef's Table at Margotto

The charm of the counter is that the customer and the cook are united over the counter.

While interweaving the food culture of French and Japanese cuisine

Enjoy a one-night-only haute couture dinner.

Limited to up to 6 people a day



Please note that it may be difficult to connect during business hours.

You can also make a reservation from the reservation site

OZ mall ロゴ
食べログ ロゴ
pocket ロゴ

Chef's Table at Margotto

Please make a reservation from the following reservation site


* You cannot change the food on the day. If you are not good at ingredients or have allergies, please be sure to contact us by the day before.
* A cancellation fee (100% of the cooking price) will be charged for cancellations and changes in the number of people on the day.
* Please refrain from using perfumes that are too strong.

Margotto e Baciare

Margotto e Baciale

Reservation / inquiry



Address 4-2-6 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo  Ryowa Palace Nishiazabu 1F

Transportation 8 minutes walk from Hiroo Station 11 minutes walk from Roppongi Station

699m from Hiroo Station

Business hours [Monday-Saturday] 18: 00-22: 00 (last entry at 20:30)

Regular holidays Sundays, public holidays, first Saturday

Cards accepted (VISA, MASTER, AMEX, JCB, Diners)

No electronic money

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